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Wednesday, April 28, 2004

The 'Laila Majnu' casettee came in a pathetic cardboard case, like the one you get playing cards in. It was priced at 28 bucks and I bought it only to make a threesome and get a 30% discount in Music World. But turns out it has an extremely good good-song density. Featured good-songs are:

'Husn Hazir Hai' 'Hoke Mayus Tere Dar Se' 'Is Reshmi Paazeb ki Jhankar' 'Ab Agar hamse khudai bhi khafa ho jaaye' 'Tere Dar Pe Aaya hoon' 'Barabad-e-Mohabbat ki Dua Saath liye ja' and the Quwwali which has given me one of the bigger kicks in recent times, 'Deewane Ki Zid', parts of which make up my previous post.

I have this habit of playing some casette before going to bed (I have written about this before). Often I fall asleep midway through. So I am often very familiar with the first two songs on each side, but hardly listen carefully to the songs towards the end. So some Saturday when I laze about in bed, without being sleepy, I get pleasant surprises on discovering some extremely beautiful song in one of my casettes.

I discovered the fast paced, high pitched, single-voiced, Rafi Quawwali, 'Tere Deewane ki Zid' this Saturday and I am still pretty kicked about it and want to sing it (ahem!) all the time. Besides the good music and the fundoo singing it has an overdose of lyrical improvisations (in this case pre-planned, ofcourse; it's a film song) which make Quwwali such an adrenalin-pumping, ecstacy-inducing genre of music.

The other song I really love on the casette is 'Barbad-e-mohabbat ki Dua Saath liye ja'. I will leave that for another day.

Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Faza Zalim sahi yeh Zulm woh bhi kar nahi sakti,
Jahan mein Kaiz Zinda hai to Laila mar nahi sakti,

Yeh daava aaj, yeh daava aaj,
Yeh daava aaj duniya bhar se manavane ki khatir aa,
Yeh daava aaj duniya bhar se manavane ki khatir aa,
Yeh daava aaj duniya bhar se manavane ki khatir aa,
Yeh deewaane ki zid hai,
Zid hai, Deewane ki Zid,
yeh Deewaane ki Zid hai, apane deewane ki khatir aa,
yeh Deewaane ki Zid hai, apane deewane ki khatir aa,

Meri Diwangi...
Meri Diwangi ki, meri Veheshat ki kasam tujhko,
Meri Diwangi ki, meri Veheshat ki kasam tujhko,
Gurur-e-ishq ki, Naaz-e-mohabbat ki kasam tujhko,
Gurur-e-ishq ki, Naaz-e-mohabbat ki kasam tujhko,
Zamane ko...
Zamane ko...
Zamane ko Wafa ki shaan dikhlane ki khatir aa,
Zamane ko Wafa ki shaan dikhlane ki khatir aa,
yeh Deewane ki Zid hai,
Zid hai Zid hai Zid hai Zid hai Zid,
yeh Deewane ki Zid hai apane deewane ki khatir aa...

Thursday, April 22, 2004

The other day a couple of friends and I went to Zak's, the Arabic restaurant in Fraser Town. It was a day of goof-ups on the part of the waiters there.

First they gave my Chicken roll to DD and his Veg roll to me. We both started enthusiastically on them. Fortunately DD is a Non-Veggie who is on a Veg-spell. Then, they brought Chicken Biryani, where we had asked for Grilled Chicken with rice. We cribbed, and the extra grilled chicken was brought to us in the end. Also brought in the end was some sort of a masala to go with the Chicken Biryani.

Vineet, my ITC friend, was getting pretty excited about the whole thing and cribbing a lot and we pulled his leg for being only used to Five Star Hotels.

The best part came in the end, when a steaming bar of sweet-dish in hot syrup was placed before us. I thought it was a complimentary thing, their compensation for the goofups of the day, and immediately put my fingers to it. It was too hot and I could only take a kutti piece off. Then the waiter came. There had been another goof-up. He took that sweet-dish off our table and on to the next!

The girl on the next table had seen all that had happened. But she was kind hearted, and did not ask for a fresh plate.

Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Went home over the weekend.

The West-coast is sweltering at the moment. Hazaar hot. Hazaar humid. But all the birds are chirping, somehow. I don't know if it is the Hangover of Spring or the Impatience for the Monsoons.

Can't say I am not happy to be back in 'cool' Bangalore. But the a.c in my workplace is extremely hard-working, and I wish they could find someway of letting in some of the wonderful summer into my cubicle. So when I went home I walked about through our town, looking at the sights, letting the Summer soak me.

Monday, April 05, 2004

'My brain is trying to kill me' - Calvin

A totally strange thing happened this Saturday.

Before that a little background. Last Friday (a week ago) I left home at night, leaving the Geyser on by mistake. It overheated, the thing burst, sprang a leak and water started leaking from it onto the floor below (our Geyser is outside the toilet). When I came back home there was no electricity (shorted and tripped) and there was ankle deep water in the hall (Splosh! Splosh!). I had come home ready to drop into bed but now this! These things are sent to test us, as some stern Inspector said in Agatha Christie's 'Towards Zero'. After a initial few moments of panic, I turned off the Geyser switch and then I rushed to the terrace and turned off the water to the building (water was still leaking from the Geyser). Our landlords were away celebrating the Friday night and the end of their son's final exams. The circuit breakers are all kept under lock and they had the key. So I would have to do whatever I had to do in candle light.

Hmm. What followed was a pain. I couldn't leave all that water on the floor (and let the maid handle it in the morning), though I sleep on a cot, it would irritate me and get on my nerves. So I took a bucket and a plate from the Kitchen and started scooping water from the floor into the bucket. Later I used a moping towel and still later a bedsheet and much later a broom. I had to be careful because some of the rooms in the house were bone dry (Som's room for example where the comp is ) and had I used the broom in the beginning water would flow in there! So I mopped up around 5 bucketfuls of water (that's quite a lot, let me tell you) before the landlords came. In the middle I had started chanting 'Om Namah Shivaya' with every scoop into the bucket - for motivation, for concentration, for timepass and for any incidental Punya . When the lights came on I had the satisfaction of seeing an almost dry floor. The fans would dry up what little was left. These things are sent to test us. They build character as Calvin's dad would say.

Saturday was spent running after an electrician and overseeing the repairs. Phew!

So back to the story I started out with. A strange thing happened this Saturday. As I sat in the office, around 12.30, I suddenly could not remember having turned the Geyser off! Panic! PANIC! I could picture the whole painful routine again! I rushed home. And then, so occupied was my mind was with the Geyser, that as I neared home I got off my bike, like I get off my cycle, before it had come to a halt! The engine was running and I had not put the sidestand on. Luckily my bike is not heavy or I would have fallen with it. I looked around to see if anyone had seen my acrobatics. One of the houswives, buying vegetables, had. Well, no harm done.

Another surprise. My house was locked with our landlord's main key. There was a note from them to call them when I came home. I understood what had happened at once - I had forgotten to lock the door when I left home in the morning. But that later. First I rushed to the window of my room. Peeked inside and sighed with relief to see the Geyser switch at 'OFF'.

I called up our landlords and they told me where they had put the main key in one of their windows. Hmm. Some adventure.

I guess all this 'background processing' that our brain, in its wisdom, performs, can be pretty dangerous. I decided to make a constant effort, from then on, not to be absent minded and to apply consious thought to what I was doing. As I drove to Mallu mess for lunch, I decided to consiously think about which gear I was in. But I found that I kept thinking about this post instead.

Friday, April 02, 2004

Rain rain

I decide to go home early. The weather outside is pleasant. Too pleasant. Its going to rain.

I rush. The traffic is OK.

Rain drops start to fall. A big one crashes on my Helmetvvisor ( German style combo)

I rush some more. I take a short cut. Muddy road. After the rain it will be a mess. Old man and his grandchildren. I don't like to sound horn. But it's going to rain.

Chicken crossing road. Lots of chicken actually. I look at them and think: BHMB.

Back on Tar road. Kids are playing cricket. Its really starting to rain. They don't know whether to run for shelter. Or run for the ball. They run for the ball.But they are in my way. And I am in a hurry. Because it's going to rain.

I get home. I park my bike in the open. It needs a wash. Then I rush to the terrace. The maid has taken pity, and washed clothes today. I rescue her efforts.