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Monday, December 05, 2005

One less book to write

Found a pleasant surprise at Crossword yesterday. Love Sonnets of Ghalib by Dr. Sarfarz K Niazi, Rupa publishers. It has quite a lot of Ghalib's ghazals - all of them, if I am lucky - first in the Urdu script, then the English transliteration, then the meanings of difficult words, then an English translation and then a paragraph of explanation and annotation. Exactly the kind of book I was going to write :-).

Found two Ghazals by Ghalib whose lyrics I had been hunting for: Sad jalwa ru-ba-ru hai joh and Naqsh Fariyaadi hai kiski shauki-e-teharir ka . When I first saw the book (and saw the price) I decided that if Sad jalwa was in it then I was going to buy it.

Expect lot more Ghalib ghazals on this blog. Though the translations will still be mine :-)