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Sunday, May 28, 2006

Garajata barasata saawan aayo re,
Laayo na sang mein hamare bichade balamawa...

- From Barasaat Ki Raat

The rains have started!

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Mallu Mess in the news

The Mallu Mess, which I have, with my own eyes, seen grow from a mess on a narrow street in HAL 2nd stage to a restaurant called 'Kerala Spice' on Airport road, was recently in The Hindu.

I can't help but unilaterally share into some of their pride. Our association has lasted close to three years now, I think. Together we have converted Kilograms of fish into my food. Not to mention all the red rice, the tomatoes, the potatoes, raw mangoes, raw bananas, bitter gourds, beans, lady's fingers, pumpkins, other nameless vegetables, pulses...

On this occasion, I forgive them that they charge me more for the fish (I suspect) because I am their regular customer. I also forgive them the fact that the plates and glasses are never as shiny when I eat there as they were in the picture taken for The Hindu.

Two bitter-sweet past posts on the Mallu Mess are to be found in the archives on this page and this .

Long live the Mallu Mess. My life in Bangalore would never have been so fun without them.


Sujoy Chakravarty has started blogging here . One more poet who can rhyme - one more poet to envy on that account. Nothing like rhyme to set apart verse from prose.

Now I think all Bengalis can rhyme. Som can. Sujoy does. And so does Vikram Seth.

Apart from the poetic streak, which till now I did'nt know he possessed, Sujoy takes great pictures, cooks excellent prawn pulao, plays good football, likes good Whiskey, has a sense of humour, and drives a hard bargain when it comes to design schedules :-) His blog should be fun!