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Saturday, June 09, 2012

Was that me?

It looks like I have become a new me, sometime during the last four-five years. Sudden aspects of my past life shock me. Was it me that did that? Why do I don't I do such stuff anymore or do I? Somehow the first 25 yrs of my life were a more consistent person I think.

Today morning woke up thinking about tennis. Maybe because of a slightly sore elbow gotten by playing tennis 2 weeks ago after maybe 5-6yrs. Or maybe because of the Woody Allen movie Match Point that I was watching yest. evening (Woody Allen: genius. I know its a well acknowledged fact, but I can't help saying it again). Then suddenly out of the blue came memories of cheering Steffi Graf against Monica Seles. And not feeling too bad when someone stabbed Seles so Graf could continue to be number 1. (B.t.w. if this makes you nostalgic, you should check out the 'Steffi will you marry me' video on youtube). Hardly watch any Tennis on TV these days...