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Monday, January 30, 2006

Made my morning

LOOKING FOR FLAT MATE semi-screams an ad on the notice board on our floor. An innocent title at first glance but then Hey! What was that again !??

What a difference a hyphen can make.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Jahan tera naqsh-e-kadam dekhate hain
khayabaan, khayabaan iram, dekhate hain

To be sung to an UrduFarsi-knowing sweetheart on the beach - Whereever, I see your footprints, sweetheart, I see but the gardens of heaven.

Tamasha! Ke ai mahaw-e-aainadaari
Tujhe kis tamanna se ham dekhate hain

This one's a gem. If even you look at yourself so much in the mirror, sweetheart, imagine how much (with what desire) I should feel like looking at you.

Banakar fakiiron ka ham-vesh 'Ghalib'
Tamasha-e-ahl-e-karam dekhate hain

I go about like a beggar (of love?) O Ghalib, just so I can see the odd ways of the 'kind-hearted'.

Sunday, January 08, 2006

The Sun God is Under-rated...

Maybe because he will do whatever he does whether you ask him or not. Or maybe because he is so impartial and you can't get him to do any differential good or bad. We have all taken him, quite reasonably, for granted. Thankfully he is too large-hearted to mind. But just imagine, all activity - right from the growing of food to the fabrication of semiconductors, music to motor sports, kuchi-koos to heartbreaks, booker winners to idle blog entries - evvvvverything - all activity on earth (and on Mars too) being root caused by, prime moved by, one big, fat, yellow ball of gas. What an amazing cause and effect relationship. And this all powerful God, obviously more powerful than that phony God-of-gods Indra, condescends to look like a small red coin above the water, or like the profile eye of a bird with conjunctivitis, every evening all along the west coast so that you can look him, as it were, in the eye. What a nice God.

One of the (non-woman) things on my long term to-do (wish-)list is a set of Surya-namaskars to the rising sun. If only the sun rose from the west once in a while.

Please don't mind the hurt to your sensibilities arising out of the reading of any part of this post. It's all meant in good humour and in good faith.