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Friday, September 10, 2010

Go Rahul

Rahul Gandhi's charm is already much talked about. Here's some evidence of that.

Rahul Gandhi on Raj Thackeray

Charm by itself is probably not something to vote for. But Charm + intelligence + vision + dedication + a will to better the lives of his countrymen + a liberal outlook, well that's a good combo to vote for I think. (For now I am ignoring Rahul's recent publicity hogging over the Vedanta issue, which was a bit of a let down). Charm and charisma I am sure play a role in diplomacy too. Too bad Priyanka Gandhi is not too interested in politics.

Saturday, September 04, 2010

Something Fishy

No offence, but I have lately noticed that Pakistani bureaucrats, diplomats, ministers etc. have a tendency to overuse (and sometimes abuse) English idiom.

Here's an example. The Pakistan High Commissioner to Britain commenting on Amir's removal from the emerging player of the year nominations. Notice especially the last sentence.

"After the shocking, arbitrary and high-handed suspension of the three Pakistani cricketers through the ICC's uncalled for action, nothing is coming to me as a surprise. Rather, my apprehensions that there is a rat in the whole affair are being strengthened. It is emerging as a fishy situation where pieces have now started falling in place to convince me that there is more than what meet the eyes," he said.

Listen/read carefully next time you come across a statement from Pakistan babudom.

Maybe it's their Hobby Horse or Achilles' heel or whatever.