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Saturday, February 14, 2009

One billion votes?

'One billion votes' is the slogan of the Jaago Re campaign. But are there one billion voters in India? I think not. Given that there are (only) 1.15 billion people in India, of which at least a third are below eighteen, the minimum age for voting.

Poetic license cannot be the excuse of 'One billion votes' - after all they are not making a poem, they are launching a sober, 'awareness' campaign. They end up sounding ignorant and shallow - atleast to me.

I had forgiven Jaago Re so far, though I was irritated everytime I heard/read their slogan, but now they have infected a popular news channel into naming their election show as 'One billion votes'.

Or am I missing something?


Ha ha

One joke that always gets a laugh out of me, however many times I tell it to people I know:

Railway track par hagane baithoge, to, haath se gaand dhone ki bajay, gaand se haath dho baithoge!